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Tam Versiyon: Here are common foods you thought were vegetarian but are actually NON-VEGETARIAN!
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Vegetarian, Vegan and Non-vegetarian are three different categories of food eaters. There is a lot of confusion doing the rounds about the difference between vegetarianism and veganism. While a vegetarian refrains from eating items like meat, poultry and seafood, a vegan, along with these things also eliminates any product coming from an animal, and that could include a lot of things like honey, milk etc. However, talking about the vegetarians and vegans here, there are a few items that are known for being veg, but there is still ambiguity attached to it. Let us clear a bit of ambiguity here regarding things that are considered vegetarian but are actually not! Yes! Here are a few:
Worcestershire sauce: This sauce has got extracts of anchovies in it which is a small common salt water fish. However, these days you get vegan Worcestershire sauce too. Next time read the ingredients before buying.
Jelly: This has got gelatin and unless you use any other substitute, Jellies are non-veg. Gelatin is made by boiling the cartilage and bones of animals, therefore, is an animal product. Check the ingredients before buying as some jellies are also made out of vegetable starch.
Marshmallows: If you are a strict vegetarian, this might break your heart! But they contain gelatin too which is said to be derived from animals.
Processed sugar: Some of the sugar uses bleach so that the sugar gets it bright white colour, however, some also use bone char (made out of bones of animals). You may use unprocessed sugar or the brand that doesn’t use bone char.
Gummy candies: Like the marshmallows, your favourite gummy candies are made from gelatin too.
Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese: This is a cheese made out of an enzyme that is present in the gut of animals which are called rennet or chymosin. Another type called the Parmesan cheese is made up of the inner linings of the cows’ stomach. Not all cheese is vegetarian.